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Catch Men On The Verge Of A His-Panic Breakdown Play In Los Angeles

Men on the Verge

MEN ON THE VERGE OF A HIS-PANIC BREAKDOWN, a play written by Guillermo Reyes and directed by James Donlon, is currently playing at West Hollywood's Macha Theater. Catch the show before it wraps on June 25th.

The adult-only play, which is a series of monologues that chronicles the lives of various Latino immigrants dealing with transcultural shock of race and gender identity known as the "Hispanic breakdown," will be making a 16 show run, until June 25th in West Hollywood’s Macha Theater. The iconic theater, which is located at 1107 N. Kings Road, West Hollywood, 90069 will have performances Friday through Sunday (8pm Fridays + Saturdays, 3pm Saturdays + Sundays).

The Play which recently finished a successful run at Oxnard’s Teatro de Las Americas will feature an array of characters that will resonate with the diverse Hispanic population, including the naive Federico, “The Gay Little Immigrant The Could”; Vinnie, whose comfortable life with a sugar daddy comes to an abrupt end; Edward, a Latino actor who is used to being cast in anglo roles and must confront his true identity; Paco, a Cuban restauranteur who was imprisoned in his homeland and now exiled from his family because of his sexual orientation; The Teacher, a sexually repressed professor; the lonely Demon Roommate; and La Gitana, a Flamenco drag performer who is battling AIDS. Elaborating on his enthusiasm, its LA-native star, Armando Rey said, “what a beautiful experience after all these years of performing in other cities to comeback to my hometown with this project that is so personal to me, giving me the opportunity to give a voice and a history lesson to my community that I care about so much." The show will be presented by Armando Rey in association with Macha Theatre/Films and Teatro Las Americas and is written by Guillermo Reyes and directed by James Donlon. Tickets can be purchased directly online by visiting www.teatrodelasamericas.org or at the box office an hour before showtime.

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