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ERASED New Movie Trailer

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Aaron Eckhart stars as an ex-CIA agent on the run with his daughter in the new thriller ERASED. It’s Bourne Identity meets Taken in the new movie preview.

Originally titled The Expatriate, ERASED star Bond girl and Max Payne’s Olga Kurylenko who is part of the conspiracy to take down Aaron Eckhart’s character, not knowing he’s lethal as a formerally trained federal agent.  Eckhart is Ben Logan, a scientist in a foreign city working for a major corporation whose group make a breakthrough in some new discovery. He returns to work to find the place empty and his co-workers mysteriously gone. He goes on the lamb with his teenage daughters once the corporation tries to take him out.  It should’ve been an easy target, but unbeknownst to the company, he’s a trained killer.  

Aaron Eckhart plays a cross between Jason Bourne and Liam Neeson’s Taken character in this film, judging by the action and plot. He must protect his daughter. ERASED opens May 10, 2013.

Before ERASED, Aaron Eckhart stars as the U.S. President in Olympus Has Fallen on March 22, 2013.

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