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Halle Berry Gets THE CALL in New Movie Trailer

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Halle Berry plays an LAPD 911 operator out to save a grown-up Abigail Breslin from a murderer in the new trailer for THE CALL.  

In her latest movie, Halle Berry gets the call to be a hero, but how believable is it that a 911 operator actually gets involved in finding the kidnapper of a young girl?  HIghly unlikely, but it is a movie and we have to suspend belief that Halle Berry's character will do what the LAPD is incapable of doing.   THE CALL also rings eerily familiar to another film, Cellular (2004), starring newcomer Chris Evans as a man out to save a woman (Kim Basinger) from Jason Statham after receiving an emergency call alerting him of her kidnapping.

Since winning the Best Actress Academy Award  for Monster's Ball in 2003, Berry's had a string of B movie thrillers like Gothika, Perfect Stranger, and Dark Tide.  And of course, who can't forget the horrendously bad Catwoman in 2004.  She did, however, become a memorable Bond girl, and continued playing Storm in the X:Men movie franchise.  She's rumored to reprise her role of Ororo Munroe in Bryan Singer's X-Men: Days of Future Past.   Her most recent film Cloud Atlas with Tom Hanks proved she has the acting chops but her choices have been questionable in recent years.

How about Abigail Breslin?  The little girl from Little Miss Sunshine and Zombieland is growing up on screen. The 17-year-old plays the victim of a sadistic serial killer toying with Berry.

THE CALL is set for March 15, 2013.

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