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OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN New Character Movie Posters

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Action movies sans superheroes rarely get character movie posters, but Gerard Butler and his OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN co-stars are each on their very own one-sheets for this action movie about the white house under seige.

Of course the action star Gerard Butler should be featured on his very own movie poster for OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN, but strangely enough so are his mere mortal co-stars Angela Bassett, Morgan Freeman, Dylan McDermott, Aaron Eckhart, and bad guy Rick Yune (The Fast and the Furious, Die Another Day).  The action takes place in the White House Down as terrorists take over Washington and hold United States President Aaron Eckhart hostage.   Gerard Butler is a former secret service agent who springs back into action to save his former boss.

When the teaser poster was released for the Antoine Fuqua-directed (Training Day) action flick, CineMovie commented about the fact that none of the familiar actors were featured on the poster.  The star was clearly the action. Now, the studio has released six new posters with the all-star cast on their individual poster.  Of course we'd like to take credit for this, but its highly unlikely they care about our opinions.  

OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN opens March 22, 2013.

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