Genesis Rodriguez on IDENTITY THIEF Co-star Melissa McCarthy: ‘She’s As Sweet As Pie’


The daughter of legendary Latino singer José Luis Rodríguez known as "El Puma" is making her mark on Hollywood starring in a few high-profile films with A-listers.  The actor she’s most impressed by so far is IDENTITY THIEF co-star Melissa McCarthy, calling her a role model on how to deal with fame.

CineMovie sits down with Genesis Rodriguez to talk about her latest movie, IDENTITY THIEF starring Jason Bateman, Melissa McCarthy, and rapper turned actor TI.  In the movie, she plays bad girl Marisol, a gun-toting killer working for a drug lord after Melissa McCarthy’s character.   Genesis tells CineMovie its definitely more fun playing bad than wholesome as she did opposite Will Ferrell in Casa de Mi Padre.  She also appeared alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Last Stand as a crooked FBI agent.

Genesis Rodriguez got her start in Spanish novelas (“Doña Barbara ) and moved to television with a 3-episode arc on HBO’s Entourage.  She then transitioned into movies co-starring with an impressive list of actors such as Sam Worthington in Man on the Ledge, the ensemble cast in What to Expect When You’re Not Expecting with Chris Rock, Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz, and her Last Stand co-star Rodrigo Santoro.  Next, she’ll appear alongside Paul Walker in Hours, a film that takes place during Hurricane Katrina.  She says she’s learned a lot from her various co-stars, but the most important lesson for her is staying humble like her fellow A-list actors.

The Miami-born actress is now appearing with comic geniuses Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman in IDENTITY THIEF.  She was most impressed by Melissa’s generosity and graciousness.  During a long evening shoot, Melissa arranged for a food truck to treat the crew and cast on set at three in the morning with chicken and waffles.   Genesis calls Melissa an “angel” for always thinking of others.

IDENTITY THIEF opens February 8, 2013.


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