• 'CHIPS' Star Michael Peña On Mastering The Motorcycle ‘I Was Not Good’

    'CHIPS' Star Michael Peña On Mastering The Motorcycle ‘I Was Not Good’

      Michael Peña picks up where Erik Estrada left off in a revamp of the 70s television show CHIPS. Written, starring and directed by Dax Shepard, CHIPS the movie has nothing in common with the original show except for the action on motorcycles. For Peña, the motorcycle action proved the most difficult in the buddy comedy flick. Read More
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    Becky G and RJ Cyler: ‘We’re Not The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ Read More
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    'The Belko Experiment's' John Gallegher Jr., Michael Rooker, & Director Talk Bloody Set Read More
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'The Bye Bye Man' Stars Carrie-Ann Moss and Douglas Smith Don't Want To Say The Boogeyman's Name In This Interview

Carrie Anne Moss and Douglas Smith The Bye Bye Man CineMovie interview

The concept behind THE BYE BYE MAN hits too close to home. THE BYE BYE MAN's Carrie-Ann Moss and Douglas Smith talk about why they were freaked out while reading the script, and why they didn't want to utter the boogeyman's name. Director Stacy Title and producer Trevor Macy explain why this horror movie stands out among other films in the genre.

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'Sleepless' Star Michelle Monaghan On Playing A Non-Typical Female Role Alongside Jamie Foxx

Michelle Monaghan Sleepless

Michelle Monaghan gets to play a juicy role in SLEEPLESS as an internal affairs officer looking to bust crooked cops, and she doesn't play by the rules. In many Hollywood films, female roles are often framed within the context of being a mother or wife, but in SLEEPLESS the actress is merely a woman working twice as hard to prove she's as tough as her male counterparts. Monaghan explains to CineMovie her take on the role. Add a comment

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'Sleepless' Premiere: Michelle Monaghan Talks Her Action Star Potential and Beating Up Jamie Foxx

Michelle Monaghan and Jamie Foxx Sleepless Premiere

Michelle Monaghan plays a bad ass internal affairs officer in SLEEPLESS opposite Jamie Foxx. Monaghan tells CineMovie she loved her first taste of action star status, and she wouldn't mind taking on another action-packed movie. The SLEEPLESS star was so into her action scenes she clocked Jamie Foxx in the mouth. Find out what happened and which 80s action movie Monaghan would remake with herself as the action star.

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Win a 'Deepwater Horizon' DVD

Mark Wahlberg Deepwater Horizon DVD giveaway

Mark WahlbergGina Rodriguez ("Jane the Virgin") and Kurt Russell star in the disaster flick, DEEPWATER HORIZON which arrives on Blu-ray and DVD on January 8, and CineMovie has copies of DEEPWATER HORIZON to giveaway. Enter for your chance 

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New Latino 'Cars 3' Character Luckily Isn't A Low Rider

 CARS 3 Char Rollout Cruz

Cheech Marin lent his voice to CARS character as the low rider Ramon, and now a new Latino joins CARS 3, but this new character isn’t a stereotypical car model. Actress/comedian Cristela Alonzo joins the cast as Cruz Ramirez while other casting news includes Armie Hammer as Jackson Storm. Meet both new sleek cars in Disney•Pixar’s first look plus Lightning McQueen's pimped out video.

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New 'Bye Bye Man' Spanish TV Spot

Bye Bye Man horror movie

People commit unthinkable acts every day. Time and again, we grapple to understand what drives a person to do such terrible things. But what if all of the questions we’re asking are wrong? What if the cause of all evil is not a matter of what… but who? Watch the Spanish television spot.

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