• 'Jenni Rivera: Mariposa de Barrio' Stars Talk About The Domestic Violence She Endured

    'Jenni Rivera: Mariposa de Barrio' Stars Talk About The Domestic Violence She Endured

  • Ansel Elgort Reveals Which Driving Stunts He Performed

    Ansel Elgort Reveals Which Driving Stunts He Performed

    Baby Driver Read More
  • Interview with 'Transformers' 5 Isabel Moner

    Interview with 'Transformers' 5 Isabel Moner

    TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT's Isabela Moner stars as a street smart orphan in Michael Bay's fifth Transformers movie. The scene stealer brought a little of her Latina self to the movie, and she tells us how she helped introduce Sir Anthony Hopkins to Snapchat. The 15-year-old actress also reveals other behind the scenes details including one with Josh Duhamel. Read More
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New 'Transformers: The Last Knight' Trailer Will Make You Want To Cry

Transformers The Last Knight trailer

The new preview to Michael Bay's TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT is action-packed and emotional. Not only is Optimus Prime the villain, but he's seen killing my favorite Transformers - Bumblebee. Be ready to with some tissues. The new trailer also reveals a Megan Fox-looking actress as the eye candy in this installment (Michael Bay requirement).

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The Son’s Carlos Bardem Talks Pierce Brosnan And Mexican-American History On Show

 the son season 1 pedro garciaPedro Garcia (Carlos Bardem) Photo by James Minchin/AMC

Gone are the days when white actors painted their face brown to play Native Indians and Mexicans in Westerns. AMC’s THE SON breaks with the past to reflect historically accurate Mexican-Americans and Native Indians. Carlos Bardem, one of the Hispanic actors, is glad to be part of this production and we’re talking to him about the new western.

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Interview: Brett Dalton, and 'Agents of Shield' Showrunners On Why They Keep Resurrecting Ward

Brett Dalton Agents of Shield

Brett Dalton’s Grant Ward has nine lives on Marvel’s AGENTS OF SHIELD and fans are ecstatic that the fan favorite is back once again. During the winter finale, Ward is resurrected in Daisy’s bed and both are working for Hydra in the alternate universe called the Framework. Dalton made a surprise appearance at this year’s Wondercon in Anaheim, CA, along with the cast and producers. CineMovie sat down with Dalton, and showrunners Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen during a roundtable where the trio talked about the reasoning behind bringing back Ward from the dead a few times.

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Wentworth Miller, Sarah Wayne Callies, Dominic Purcell Talk 'Prison Break Sequel'

Prison Break Sequel Wentworth Miller Dominic Purcell Sarah Wayne Callies

The returning stars of PRISON BREAK reveal what's changed with their characters over the last years since we last saw them, and Wentworth Miller reveals "Michael" may not be a good guy this time around. Hear from Sarah Wayne Callies, Robert Knepper and Dominic Purcell as they give us clues into what's coming up for their characters in PRISON BREAK: SEQUEL.

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