• 'Equalizer 2' New Trailer

    'Equalizer 2' New Trailer

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  • 7 Things To Know About 'Fear The Walking Dead's New Season

    7 Things To Know About 'Fear The Walking Dead's New Season

  • 'Rampage's' Naomie Harris Had To Rethink Acting For This Movie

    'Rampage's' Naomie Harris Had To Rethink Acting For This Movie

  • Interview: 'Lost in Space's' Parker Posey & Ignacio Serricchio

    Interview: 'Lost in Space's' Parker Posey & Ignacio Serricchio

  • Interview: John Krasinski Talks 'A Quiet Place'

    Interview: John Krasinski Talks 'A Quiet Place'

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New Movie Poster and Trailer: Solo: A Star Wars Story

Han Solo Alden Ehrenrich Star Wars

Lucasfilm and Disney have released a new trailer for SOLO: A STAR WARS MOVIE along with a cool new movie poster. Paul Bettany makes his first appearance and looks to be a villain in the prequel. We also get more information about a heist planned by Woody Harrelson's character which will set the path for Han Solo to meet Lando Calrissian and his future space ship, the Millenium Falcon.

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22 New 'Avengers: Infinity War' Character Posters

Avengers InfinityWar 22 Posters

The stars of Marvel Studios’ AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR revealed their character posters across social media except for one Avenger. Jeremy Renner has been MIA for the movie posters and trailers for the epic movie. Take a gander at the 22 new INFINITY WAR character posters featuring the kick ass Avengers.

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'Bad Samaritan' Director Dean Devlin Talks David Tennant and Why He's Over Making Studio Films

David Tennant in Bad Samaritan movie

Producer Dean Devlin, best known for producing Hollywood blockbusters such as INDEPENDENCE DAY and GODZILLA, is through with working on studio films that often have too many chefs in the kitchen. Devlin has taken to the directing chair and independently-financed the thriller, BAD SAMARITAN starring David Tennant. At WonderCon, he and BAD SAMARITAN screenwriter Brandon Boyce talked about casting David Tennant as the villain, geeking out when calling Tennant to offer him the role and why he's focusing on producing and directing his own films without the involvement of movie studios.

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Truth or Dare Movie Ticket Giveaway

Truth or Dare movie ticket giveaway

Everyone's played Truth or Dare but this game takes a deadly turn in the new movie, TRUTH OR DARE. Watch the new horror flick, TRUTH OR DARE in an advance screening in seven cities (Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Chicago, San Diego, Dallas and Houston. Get your tickets now while supplies last.

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Nathan Fillion Is Surprised At How Dark Netflix’s 'A Series of Unfortunate Events' Is & The Scene That Made Him Cry

Nathan Fillion Series of Unfortunate Events

The tragic tale of three orphans continues in season 2 of Netflix's A Series of Unfortunate Events (now available for streaming), and the show has only gotten darker, according to one of the stars Nathan Fillion. Of course there are emotional moments too, and one of them hit home for Fillion who admits he broke out into tears.

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Steven Spielberg Refused To Include One Of His Movies in 'Ready Player One'

Ready Player One Steven Spielberg on set

READY PLAYER ONE takes viewers into a nostalgic adventure with pop culture references in the Steven Spielberg-directed action film including some from his own iconic movies. There was one movie reference he refused to include in the movie. Listen below to why he didn't want to make READY PLAYER ONE a homage to himself, and what Easter Egg in the movie geeked out his cast.

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Lennie James Stays Mum On Morgan's Transition To 'Fear The Walking Dead'

Fear The Walking Dead WonderCon 2018

The cast and producers from Fear The Walking Dead made an appearance at this year's WonderCon to talk about the new season premiering in April. Lennie James best known as Morgan from The Walking Dead joined the returning and newer cast members, and producers to discuss the anticipated crossover. However, everyone was careful about what to say. Watch interviews below.

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