• When will The Riddler Return To Gotham?

    When will The Riddler Return To Gotham?

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  • Meet The Aliens From Seth MacFarlane's 'The Orville'

    Meet The Aliens From Seth MacFarlane's 'The Orville'

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'The Mick' Breakout Star Carla Jimenez Isn’t Your Typical Latina Maid On The FOX Comedy

Carla Jimenez The Mick CineMovie interview

Latino actors are often relegated to playing the help, the gang member or a drug king so when actress Carla Jimenez went in for yet another role as the maid for FOX’s THE MICK, she thought she would have to resort to playing yet another stereotype. Luckily for Jimenez, the role as Alba is a multi-dimensional character with her own quirks that goes beyond the typical portrayal. The Los Angeles-born native tells CineMovie how she won over the role.

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Oscar 2017: Interviews with the Nominees

Academy Awards 2017 movies Moonlight, La La Land, Lion

LA LA LAND goes in strong with a record 14 nominations at the 89th Annual Academy Awards, but will MOONLIGHT upstage the Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling film? Films such as ARRIVAL, HIDDEN FIGURES, FENCES, LION AND and animated films ZOOTOPIA AND MOANA. We talked to some of the nominess last year about their work in the Oscar-winning performance.

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Is Young Han Solo's Hair On Point For The Untitled Han Solo Star Wars Movie?

Alden Ehrenreich vs Harrison Ford Han Solo

Production for the UNTITLED HAN SOLO STAR WARS STORY is underway in London, and I couldn't help but notice in the cast picture released by Lucasfilm and Disney that the actor, Alden Ehrenreich seems to be hair ready to portray the space pirate. While the physical resemblance isn't obvious, Alden captures the mischievous spirit of Han Solo, but more importantly his  coif seems to be on point.  Let's compare the young Han Solo in the first official UNTITLED HAN SOLO STAR WARS STORY cast photo with Harrison Ford's original scoundrel.

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Karla Souza Is Rooting For 'How To Get Away With Murder' Star Viola Davis At Oscars

how to get away with murder karlasouza violadavis

Viola Davis' HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER co-star Karla Souza is rooting for Davis at the Academy Awards Sunday where she's nominated for Best Actress for FENCES. CineMovie was with Karla Souza on the day the actress received the news that her ABC show was renewed for another season. While promoting her new movie EVERYBODY LOVES SOMEBODY (out now), she talked about the death of Wes, her excitment for Season 4 and why Davis gives the best acceptance speeches. 

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'Fist Fight's' Ice Cube, Charlie Day and Tracy Morgan Talk Comedy

Fist Fight Charlie Day Ice Cube

In high school, we can all remember periodically watching two acne-ridden teenagers go at each other in an after-school fist fight. Ahhh, the good old days-- standing with friends, cringing as we inevitably watched a teacher break up the brawl. With Warner Brother’s upcoming comedy FIST FIGHT, there’s a shift in this scenario and the teachers, played by Charlie Day and Ice, are in fact the one’s involved in the donnybrook.

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