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I AM NUMBER FOUR Star Channels Angelina Jolie

Teresa Palmer interview for I AM NUMBER FOUR

Newcomer Teresa Palmer prepared for her action scenes as a leather-clad alien fighter in I AM NUMBER FOUR by watching Angelina Jolie movies.

Teresa Palmer plays Number 6 in I AM NUMBER FOUR, a mysterious women with powers on the hunt for Number 4, an alien from the planet Lorien (Alex Pettyfer), who is hiding on Earth from the Mogadorians.  To play a warrior, the Australian actress who last appeared in The Sorcerer's Apprentice (Nicolas Cage, Jay Baruchel), referenced Angelina Jolie for the role.  She describes Angelina Jolie as the epitome of the on screen "female warrior." "She really encapsulates what it is to be a female warrior.  I used all of that for Number 6."  She watched Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and Wanted a couple of times to get a feel of a female action hero before her audition.

Alex Pettyfer and Teresa-Palmer in I Am Number Four

When it came time to auditioning for Number 6, Teresa dressed in black leather from head to toe  with  a "tough" attitude a la Angelina Jolie.   "I went in and tried to channel my inner Angelina Jolie, " joked the I AM NUMBER FOUR star.  She was cast a couple of days later.  "I guess it worked," proclaimed the actress from Down Under.  
Once Teresa won over the role, she wanted to do all her own stunts like her idol. To prepare for the grueling physical stunts, Teresa studied martial arts, how to fall like a stunt woman, throw a punch and ride a Ducati motorcycle. She was able to perform all the stunts  except for two difficult shots.  The experience left her black and blue, and feeling as if she were training in the Olympics.

Would she do it again for the I AM NUMBER FOUR sequels?  Teresa would love to return as Number 6 pending the success of the first movie. "I would definitely embrace the idea of a franchise," she said.  As with most studio pictures, the star signed on for three movies for I AM NUMBER FOUR and welcomes the chance to do the physical work again.

Teresa Palmer in I AM NUMBER FOUR

Teresa not only channeled Angelina Jolie for her "female warrior" character but she hopes to fashion her career after her role model.   "I would love to emulate Angelina Jolie's career. There's something enchanting about her, almost intoxicating," according to the Aussie star.  "I always want to see her movies. Even if I hear they are not so good. If Angelina Jolie is in it, I'm still captivated by her."

Teresa's aspirations extend beyond acting.  She's in the midst of directing her first documentary and writing an original screenplay with her partner as a producing and starring vehicle.  The actress admits strong roles are lacking in cinema and plans to compensate by being active behind the scenes. "There's not a lot of material out there.  Constantly you'll read scripts that you don't feel connected to."

Teresa Palmer definitely feels connected to Number 6 and movie-goers are sure to feel the connection to this up and coming actress when I AM NUMBER FOUR opens February 18.



February 18, 2011

Cast: Alex Pettyfer, Timothy Olyphant, Dianna Agron, Teresa Palmer

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