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Famous Actor Director Duos Featured

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Numerous actors and directors have teamed up for several films together with Robert DeNiro and Martin Scorsese, and Tim Burton/Johnny Depp being the most famous of the bunch.  These actor/director teams, however, are not the most frequently paired actor/director duo. 

CineMovie lists the most famous of actor/director collaborations including the only women team.

Garry Marshall & Hector Elizondo - 13 Films

Veteran Hollywood director has paired up numerous times with Julia Roberts (3), but it's his frequent star Hector Elizondo who has appeared in almost every film directed by the Happy Days and Laverne & Shirley creator. Hector Elizondo first appeared in a Marshall production with Flamingo Kid in 1984. The former conga player has since appeared in 13 films including Marshall's last romantic comedy New Year's Eve.

Tim Burton & Johnny Depp - 8 Films
Johnny Depp changed the course of his film career in teaming up with a rising star director like Tim Burton. Starting with 1990's Edward Scissorhands, the dynamic duo have worked a total of 8 times together.  Dark Shadows was the last collaboration in 2012.

Tim Burton & Helena Bonham Carter - 7 Films

Mrs. Tim Burton first met her future director husband on the remake of Planet of the Apes in 2001. His previous girlfriend Lisa Marie was his muse on 4 of Burton's films.  

Secrets To The Actor/Director Duo

Martin Scorsese & Robert DeNiro - 8 Films

Martin Scorsese first directed a young up and coming actor in Mean Streets in 1973.  Of course, their most famous collaboration was in 1976's Taxi Driver and Raging Bull in 1980.  The last film the two worked together was on Casino in 1995.

Pedro Almodovar & Antonio Banderas - 6 Films

Pedro Almodovar first began his on-screen partnership with fellow Spanish native Antonio Banderas with Labyrinth of Passion in 1982 and most recently on Almodovar's The Skin I Live In.

Martin Scorsese & Leonardo DiCaprio - 5 Films

Martin Scorsese picked up a new muse with Leonardo DiCaprio. They first got together for 2002's Gangs of New York. Leo has since worked with the Academy Award-winning director fives times including a new film where Leo will portray Frank Sinatra in Sinatra sometime within the next two years.  Next, the two work on The Wolf of Wall Street.

Christopher Nolan & Michael Caine - 5 Films

Michael Caine first joined with Christopher Nolan on Batman Begins (2005) and has since worked on every Christopher Nolan picture including the last film in the Batman series, The Dark Knight Rises 2012.


Ridley Scott & Russell Crowe - 5 Films

After joining forces on Gladiator in 2000, the pair went on to work on numerous projects together including their not so successful remake Robin Hood in 2010.


George Clooney & Steven Soderbergh - 6 Films

Steven Soderbergh and George Clooney first teamed up on Out of Sight (1998) and went on to do three Ocean's Eleven movies, The Good German and Solaris.

Matt Damon & Steven Soderbergh - 5 Films

Soderbergh's other Ocean's Eleven star Matt Damon is also a favorite of the Contagion director as the two have worked together 5 times including a Liberace bio pic which aired on HBO with Michael Douglas portraying the flamboyant piano player.  

Russell Crowe & Ron Howard - 3 Films

Russell has also taking a liking to working with Ron Howard starting with A Beautiful Mind, Cinderella Man, and their upcoming project as Crowe as Richard Burton in Rush.  

Here are some other famous pairings with 3 films each:

Nicole Holofcener & Catherine Keener

Sadly, Nicole and Catherine are the only female team in the group. Like everything else in Hollywood, males dominate in all categories.  

Brad Pitt & David Fincher


Pedro Almodovar & Penelope Cruz


Michael Fassbender & Steve McQueen

Newcomers to the this group,  Michael Fassbender and Steve McQueen are going onto their third collaboration next year.  They both received critical acclaim for their first film Hunger and currently with the NC-17 release Shame.


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