Live Stream: Tom Cruise Races to 3 EDGE OF TOMORROW Premieres

Tom Cruise faces a real-life ticking time bomb as he races against time to make three EDGE OF TOMORROW premieres in London, Paris and New York Wednesday. And you can watch Cruise, his EDGE OF TOMORROW co-star Emily Blunt and director Doug Liman race between three countries with a live stream from the red carpet premieres.

Between cities, Cruise, Blunt and the film’s director, Doug Liman, will interact with fans via social media as they jet from country to country. Fans can network with the stars using #EOTLive.

Will Cruise, Blunt and Liman make it to their final destination?

CineMovie will be at the Los Angeles fan event watching the live stream from New York City starting at7PM PT so join us as we live tweet with fans and wait for the stars and watch the screening which will start simultaneously with the New York premiere.

Live show schedule on Wednesday, 5/28
London - 8:30am London time / 3:30am ET /12:30am PT
Paris - 3:30pm Paris time / 9:30am ET /6:30am PT
New York - 10pm ET/ 7pm PT

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Win $1 Million Prize For Your Million Dollar Arm


Disney is looking for the American version of the MILLION DOLLAR ARM. Like in the movie, a $1 million prize is being offered for amateur baseball players who can throw 100 mph strike during the MILLION DOLLAR ARM premiere in Hollywood.  Do you have that million dollar arm?

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