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ENDLESS LOVE Movie Review From A Guy's Perspective

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Single ladies will be flocking to see Alex Pettyfer pine for Gabrielle Wilde in ENDLESS Love, but the chick flick will also be bringing out the men accompanying their gals because they have to on Valentine's Day.

The story of star-crossed lovers is perfect for lover's day to get you in the mood, but the boyfriends and husbands may not be seeing it that way. CineMovie's Ethan Falk took one for the team and sat threw the love story. Here's his take on just one out of 3 films out this Valentine's Day weekend.

A Man's Review:

Endless Love is simply an incarnation of the predictable, b-rated, romance movies that men muscle through to humor their girlfriends on Valentines Day. This adaptation seemed better suited for Lifetime television than the big screen. On the flipside, it did have some endearing moments scattered here and there. It’s also safe to say that it’s pretty damn easy to fall in love with Gabriella Wilde.

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