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New 'Fast X' Trailer: Star-Studded, Action-Packed and 5 'Family' Mentions

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fast x trailer

The racing family is back for more insane action in FAST X. Brie Larson and Jason Momoa join the cast, and Jason is one big, bad villain coming to hurt Dom's (Vin Diesel) "family," and the bullseye is huge. In the first preview, the word "family" is mentioned five times because there's nothing stronger than family. 

The former baddies also return with Jason Statham and John Cena now on the side of the family. Charlize Theron also reprises her role as Cypher but she's still on the outs with the gang if the brawl with Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) is any indication.

The action scenes, as expected, are insane with Dom's car taking on two helicopters and the Death Star rolling through the streets causing destruction and fireballs. You expect nothing less from the FAST & FURIOUS family.

The next FAST AND FURIOUS installment rides into theaters May 19.

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