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Director Tarsem Singh On Juggling Snow White Film and Immortals

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Mirror Mirror and Immortals director Tarsem Singh

Director Tarsem Singh calls it "easy" working on two high-profiled films simulaneously and attributes it to not spending his days in the edit bay during post-production.

While working post production on theIMMORTALS, a stylish 3D spectacle starring Henry Cavill and Mickey Roarke, the Indian-born filmmaker was in production on an untitled Snow White film featuring Julia Roberts, Armie Hammer and Lily Collins as the fairest one of all princess. Relativity Media recently announced the film's title as Mirror Mirror. Singh's comedy action adventure tale wrapped production in mid-September, after the studio rushed the production due to another competing Snow White project, Snow White and the Huntsmen with Kristen Stewart and Thor's Chris Hemsworth.

Singh's two back to back projects didn't faze the visually stylistic director, he told us during a recent press event in Los Angeles. While American audiences may not be too familiar with the international director, he's used to shooting 300 days a year for other projects besides movies and "loves being on the set."


What he enjoys less is sitting in an editing room, according to the IMMORTALS helmer. He checks in with his editor every day, gives instructions and "goes away."

"I don't spend too much time in an editing room. I go in every day and say 'do this' and I go away. I don't like to sit in that room. So it's easy. If I had to sit in that room all the time and push all the buttons or was the editor myself I think it would be an inherit problem."

By not sitting in with the editor like most directors do, the multi-tasker can dedicate his efforts in other areas or multiple projects such as with IMMORTALS and Mirror Mirror.  The visionary director assures everyone the two films are stylistically different and doesn't expect any comparisons between the two.

Mirror Mirror movie image

As he travels to promote IMMORTALS, Singh is currently in post production on Mirror Mirror which is due out March 16, 2012.   

IMMORTALS is in movie theaters Friday.

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