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Exclusive ELYSIUM Movie Footage & New Movie Poster Unveiled

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Matt Damon, Sharlto Copley and ELYSIUM director Neill Blompkamp presented the first trailer and a 10-minute jaw-dropping clip of ELYSIUM simultaneously in Berlin and Los Angeles Monday afternoon, which left fans and CineMovie wanting more.  Check out our scene by scene description of the exclusive footage that will not be released anywhere until the August 9th release.

Just when you thought the District 9 director couldn’t possibly follow up his ground-breaking film, the 10-minute ELYSIUM preview happily proved any naysayers wrong.  In Los Angeles’ Arclight Theaters,  District 9 actor Sharlto Copley, director Neill Blompkamp, and producer Simon Kinberg (writer for the new Star Wars films) appeared before a packed house to present the first ever footage from ELYSIUM while Matt Damon, in a Berlin movie theater, joined the fun presenting the film.  

Not only was the special effects and action top notch, but Blompkamp carries over many of the themes that made District 9 not just a movie, but a commentary on the socio-economic problems of the modern world.

ELYSIUM-movie-teaser-posterWhile the just newly released trailer intrigues, the 10-minute clip featuring Matt Damon’s character story really brought it home.  After the trailer preview, Matt Damon, a District 9 fan, said he was interested as soon as he got the call, but when he met Blompkamp and saw his very detailed book of images and drawings, he was sold.   Damon also pointed out that Copley’s performance in District 9 was the best performance he had seen that year.

Now to the trailer and preview.  The ELYSIUM trailer sets up the premise of the sci-fi film set in the year 2159.  The wealthy are living on a man-made space station while the rest of Earth’s inhabitants live in squalor.  Matt Damon plays a blue-collar worker with a criminal past, but a new technology is strapped to his body that enables him to fire special weapons used by the robotic police. He sets out to make things equal again.  Jodie Foster plays the keeper of the pristine man-made space station that houses the wealthy in a majestic world.  In one scene, the desperate and disabled people on Earth board a junky-looking space ship which heads towards the man-made space station. Once in space, several of those ships are destroyed with a hand-held missile launcher from Earth, as ordered by Secretary Rhodes, Jodie Foster’s character.  Sharlto Copley goes bad as Rhodes’ muscle man on Earth, a disheveled bearded man who looks like he belongs on Mos Eisley in the Star Wars cantina.  The trailer premieres on Yahoo Tuesday, April 9th at 4pm EST/7PM PST.

Now on to the juicy part.  The 10-minute clip takes us to the start of Max’s (Damon) journey.  Max is a blue-collar worker in a factory living among the poor.  Policemen are replaced with robotic soldiers who don’t have an understanding of Max’s sarcasm when he encounters them. Just by looking at him, they read of his criminal past and break his wrist when he fails to cooperate.  The injury sends him to the hospital where he reconnects with an old flame (Alice Braga), who knows full well to stay away.  The next scene finds him at a government agency where the representatives are vintage-looking robotic attendants.  They, too, don’t recognize Max’s raw sense of humor.  They deny his request based on his criminal past.

With his arm in a cast, he arrives to work late and his boss ribs him for his tardiness. When his machine jams, his boss forces him into the shaft where he’s exposed to a dangerous chemical and he becomes sick.  It’s not clear if it’s a friend or acquaintance played by Diego Luna who takes him to see someone who can help.  A deranged-looking underground gang tells him there is one way to save himself and the rest of humanity with an apparatus that will have to be sown onto his body and brain.  Ouch!  The new ELYSIUM movie poster reveals the technology on Matt Damon’s body.

After his Iron Man moment, Max is ready for battle to bring equality to both worlds.  The plan is to grab someone from the space station when he visits Earth and download all the data from the space station.  A battle ensues when they bring down his ship and they race in their Death Race/Mad Max-style cars to the crash site.  Rhodes dispatches baddie Kruger (Copley) to kill the assailants. The gang shoot it out with the robotic soldiers that bare a resemblance to the aliens of District 9.  They are no match for Damon’s gun.  The intensity of the scene escalates as Kruger approaches the wreck.   Max and his henchmen grab the data and all hell is going to break loose.   Quick action sequences follow that show the all-out destruction caused by Max’s actions including his apology to Alice Braga for what he brought down on her and a child she’s holding.  And then it’s a cut.  Darn!

Luckily, we only have to wait four months until August 9, 2013, which should be epic.

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