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Gael Garcia Bernal Signs Up For Blockbuster Film

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Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna
Indie-darling Gael Garcia Bernal finally takes the plunge with a big-budgeted film with franchise potential as the new Zorro in ZORRO REBORN. The Mexican-born star has shied away from mainstream Hollywood fare until now.
Set in the future, ZORRO REBORN will be a reboot of the successful franchise starring Antonio Banderas. The 20th Century Fox-produced film will be set outside Mexico and California but the story will remain the same as the masked vigilante takes revenge in a new setting.

The news of the casting came to a surprise for many who have yet to see Gael Garcia Bernal take a lead role in a big Hollywood movie. Since breaking out in Amores Perros in 2000, the Mexican star has focused his acting career in foreign films wth award-winning directors such as Pedro Almodovar, Alfonso Cuaron, Walter Salles, Michel Gondry and Fernando Meirelles.

While he's had supporting roles in some Hollywood films like Babel and Blindness, the Y Tu Mama Tambien actor had yet to secure leading man status in the United States. With ZORRO REBORN, that will change when the futuristic action film is released in 2014.  A director for the film has yet to be chosen.

Garcia Bernal along with friend and Y Tu Mama Tambien co-star Diego Luna formed their own production company Canana Films in Mexico to produce independent films such as Sin Nombre and the upcoming bio pic Chavez based on the life of Cesar Chavez.

Up next, Bernal and Diego Luna star alongside Will Ferrell in Casa De Mi Padre, a Spanish langauage film produced by Ferrell and Garcia Bernal is currently working on boxer Roberto Duran's biopic with him playing the controversial fighter in Hands of Stone with Al Pacino, and "True Blood's" Ryan Kwanten set for release in 2013.

2014 is too long of a wait to see the Gael Garcia Bernal as the masked vigilante but we're sure the wait will be worth it.

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