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Josh Brolin's Spot On Impression of Tommy Lee Jones in MEN IN BLACK 3 Trailer

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Men in Black 3 Trailer Poster

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are back policing aliens in the MEN IN BLACK 3 trailer, but this time Will's Agent J goes back in time and encounters a young K (Tommy Lee Jones) played by Josh Brolin who nails the facial and speech pattern of Tommy Lee Jones.

Slated to open in 3D (no surprise) next year on May 25, the trailer finally reveals the plot which has Agent J (Smith) traveling back in time to find out what happened to his partner.  Josh Brolin is a young Agent K and for the brief moment we see him at the end of the trailer is a memorable one with a spot on impression of Tommy Lee Jones.

Missing from the trailer is Zed played by Rip Torn, but he is listed on the cast list on IMDB for the third sequel. Emma Thompson joins the cast as Oh which by the trailer seems to be running the agency.  Flight of the Concord's Jermain Clement and Pussycat Dolls and X Factor host Nicole Scherzinger also team up with the Men in Black.

What are your thoughts on the trailer?

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