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PHOTO: First Look at Paul Rudd as ANT-MAN

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So CineMovie was in San Francisco at the same time Marvel Studios began principal photography for ANT-MAN near the Golden Gate Bridge on Monday, August 18. And judging from the newly released image of Paul Rudd under the Golden Gate Bridge, we were in close proximity to this shot.

Paul Rudd takes on super hero franchise as Ant-Man in Marvel Studios adaptation of the classic comic book character. After suffering a small set back when director Edgar Wright left the project due to creative differences, Marvel quickly rebounded with new director Peyton Reed and now they are in production.  To celebrate, Marvel Studios has released the first image of a beaten up Paul Rudd as Scott Lang under the Golden Gate Bridge.

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Passing by the iconic San Francisco landmark on Sunday and Monday during our vacation stay in the bay area, we noticed some activity below the Golden Gate.  We thought it was part of the large construction effort to improve the area. Now we’re really angry at ourselves for not investigating the area. We were in such close proximity. Darn!

ANT-MAN opens July 17, 2015.

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