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Snoop Dogg, Michelle Rodriguez, and Michael Peña Go TURBO at E3

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Snoop Dogg (or is Snoop Lion?), surprised hundreds of attendees at the E3 gaming convention in Downtown Los Angeles. The impromptu concert took place at LA Live's Nokia Plaza which  featured an original song from the new animated film, TURBO.  Joining the festivities were the film's stars, Michael Peña and Michelle Rodriguez. Check out the pics from the June 11th event.

Snoop not only contributes his talents to the TURBO soundtrack with "Let The Bass Go," but the multi-platinum recording artist and actor voices the character of Smoove Move in the film. His TURBO co-stars introduced the singer on stage.  Aside from the concert, a tricked out TURBO taco truck fed some of the hungry attendees.  It being E3, Dreamworks also brought along a virtual GT racing simulator and the TURBO Racing League Video Game.

TURBO, the animated comedy, tells the tale of a snail (voiced by Ryan Reynolds) who obtains the power of super-speed and finally gets to live out his dream job of winning the Indy 500. TURBO opens July 17 and also features the voices of Luiz Guzman, Ken Jeong, Bill Hader, Paul Giamatti, Maya Rudolph and Samuel L. Jackson.

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