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SPARE PARTS New Movie Poster & Trailer: George Lopez in a True Latino Story

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Most true inspirational underdog stories revolve around sports, but a new George Lopez movie, SPARE PARTS centers on a robotics team and Latino students. What’s not to like after watching the new trailer also starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Esai Morales, and Marisa Tomei.


Distributed by Pantelion Films, SPARE PARTS is a true life story about four Hispanic high school students who form a robotic club under the leadership of their school's newest teacher, Fredi (GEORGE LOPEZ) With no experience, 800 bucks, used car parts and a dream, this rag tag team goes up against the country's reigning robotics champion, MIT. On their journey, they learn not only how to build a robot- they learn to build a bond that will last a lifetime.

SPARE PARTS opens January 16, 2015.


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