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'The Bourne Legacy' New Trailer: Matt Damon Cameo?

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Jeremy Renner, Edward Norton in THE BOURNE LEGACY movie image

Does the new trailer for THE BOURNE IDENTITY hint at a cameo from Matt Damon returning as Jason Bourne? We hope so because the new preview delivers on the action and the plotline for the new espionage thriller.

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Matt Damon opted out of another Bourne Identity movie but there is hope he may make a cameo in the Jeremy Renner-starring film.  In the new THE BOURNE IDENTITY trailer, Jason Bourne's (Damon) image is shown in a news report which mentions the investigation of Treadstone.

As most predicted, the plot revolves around Renner being a programmed agent from the same government agency that produced Jason Bourne. The Treadstone project includes various Bourne-like agents around the world. "Jason Bourne was the tip of the iceberg." proclaims Edward Norton, the lead agent now heading Treadstone who orders the assasination of the operatives and any other participants in the program like scientist Rachel Weitz.


Like the previous Bourne Identity's, Aaron Cross (Renner) chases after the truth to expose the agency trying to kill him. Perhaps Jason Bourne returns to help him.

Would you like to see Matt Damon make an appearance in THE BOURNE LEGACY?

THE BOURNE LEGACY opens August 3, 2012.

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