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GALLOWWALKER New Movie Poster and Trailer

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Wesley Snipes is back to his bad-ass self in the western GALLOWWALKER, but this time he’s ripping off zombie heads.


Gallowwalker-movie-posterOne thing we love seeing Wesley Snipes do is fight the undead, but this time the Blade star takes his skills to the wild, wild west battling zombies. We think of zombies as a modern post apocalyptic problem, but the filmmakers are taking some creative liberties making the setting a western. After all, zombies are the new “it” monsters and if we could have a good time watching talking zombies in Warm Bodies, why not talking cowboy zombies.  Now that’s called escapism.

The plot behind GALLOWWALKERS sounds similar to his Blade character. A cursed man (Snipes) must fight injustice in the form of the undead.  The film, directed by Andrew Goth, was directed before he went to jail for tax evasion in 2007.  He’s scheduled for release this July after serving three years.

GALLOWWALKERS doesn’t have a release date yet, but don’t be surprised if the title ends of up on DVD.

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