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Retiring Hannah Montana


hMiley Cyrus Quitting Hannah Montana

Is Miley Cyrus done with the alter ego who made her a household name?  It’s long been speculated that Miley’s online shenanigans were in an effort to break the Hannah Montana and Disney image.

In a press conference held Monday with the stars of  “Hannah Montana: The Movie," Miley set the record straight on future career goals and confirms she eventually wants to retire Hannah Montana because “she can’t live that life forever.”  But not to worry Hannah Montana fans, she is interested in another season of Hannah Montana, however that does not include shooting another feature length film. 

In the works is a project with author Nicolas Sparks (“The Notebook”) who wrote a film script with Miley in mind and the basis of a future Sparks novel.  She is looking forward to expanding her resume and showing off her true acting chops.  She made it no secret at this year’s Academy Awards during her red carpet interviews that she has her eye on the little golden statue. 

Miley has often gotten into trouble for being too outspoken and during the press conference, co-star Jason Earles (“Jackson”) confirmed what we already knew, “there is no filter with Miley” which at first got Miley in a huffy puffy mood but Jason replied by explaining that it is a “good thing” because she’s honest and true to her feelings.  Miley agreed.  Nice save Jason!

When asked what are the biggest misconceptions about the Hannah Montana star, Miley responded, “she is grateful for what she does and she doesn’t do it for attention.” She also admits that if she knew what the paparazzi were like before entering the fame game, she “probably wouldn’t be in this career.”

Seconds later, the “Hannah Montana” stars were asked what advice they have for young people wanting to come to Hollywood.  While Miley’s co-stars shelled out conservative advice like “go to school first,” “study acting,”Miley blurted out, “Be a freak, do it!”

And that’s what makes this Disney star a cut above the rest, a different type of mouseketeer unwilling to fit into the Hollywood mold.
“Hannah Montana:  The Movie” opens nationwide April 7th

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