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Comic Con Recap: James Cameron, Peter Jackson, and Thirsty Fan

  Peter Jackson and James Cameron Panel Interrupted By Odd Man

In the middle of a very interesting panel discussion by two of film’s greatest film innovators, a very odd man walked up on stage and asked to share the director’s water. James Cameron was completely unfazed, but Peter Jackson looked a little concerned, as he was sitting at a different angle and saw the character approach. As security grabbed the man and escorted him off stage, Peter Jackson nervously volunteered that he hoped that they didn’t rough him up. James Cameron shrugged and said that he thought he was all part of the show. Watch video of the incident below.

A back stage observer told me that the interloper was pressed up against the back wall and was questioned. It is not known if he was arrested, or ejected from the convention. Most people thought it was a prank. One that was luckily harmless. But security does need to be tighter if we want the stars to continue to come. I believe that this is the first visit for both directors.


Reported by Melanie Wilson San Diego Comic-Con 2009

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