Cheech Marin Talks 'Champions' Movie and His Mad Basketball Skills

Cheech Marin interview for CHAMPIONS Movie

Cheech Marin stars with Woody Harrelson in the hilarious and uplifting story CHAMPIONS. The actor talks about working with his long-time pal, the disabled actors, and he's touting his own basketball skills.

Opening in movie theaters on March 10, CHAMPIONS is based on the hit Spanish film. The movie stars Harrelson, Marin, and Kaitlin Olson ia heartwarming tale. Harrison is a minor league basketball coach who is court-ordered to lead a team of players with intellectual disabilities. Despite his initial doubts, he and his team go further than they ever imagined learning important lessons about acceptance, empathy, and the true meaning of success.

The actor also reveals his own basketball skills are pretty good and the only reason he didn't do it professionally was because of his height.

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