Christian Bale Cast Newly-Elected Congressman John Fetterman in 'The Pale Blue Eye'

Christian Bale and John Fetterman movie news

Christian Bale and THE PALE BLUE EYE director Scott Cooper cast the then Pennsylvania Lt. Governor John Fetterman in their Netflix movie. The actor and director screened their third movie together, and the duo revealed how they became friends with Fetterman and why they cast him in THE PALE BLUE EYE.

After an early screening of THE PALE BLUE EYE in Los Angeles, Cooper and Bale gave some insight into their third collaboration in a Q&A. They revealed some funny stories about working in the freezing cold in Pennsylvania and how the newly-elected Pennsylvania Congressman ended up with a cameo in the movie.

THE PALE BLUE EYE will be released on December 23.

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