'Michael Peña is the Most Underrated Actor in Hollywood,' Says 'A Million Miles Away' Director Alejandra Marquez Abella.

Michael Pena in a Million Miles Away movie

A MILLION MILES AWAY director Alejandra Marquez Abella's first choice to play Jose Hernandez was no question Michael Peña. The actor is the most underrated actor in Hollywood. The new movie based on the inspirational true story of Astronaut Jose Hernandez who was rejected 11 times by NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration, is now streaming on Prime Video.

Official Synopsis

The film follows the challenges and sacrifices José overcame on his journey to becoming the first migrant farm worker turned astronaut. From his struggles to learn English to his relentless determination in pursuit of his dream to travel to space after 11 rejections from NASA, José was a part of the Mission STS-128 crew, becoming an inspiring example of perseverance that many immigrants can relate to. 

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