Rachel Zegler Sang Live On-Set of 'The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes' Says Director Francis Lawrence

hunger games ballad songbirds snakes director francis lawrence interview

THE HUNGER GAMES: THE BALLAD OF SONGBIRDS & SNAKES director Francis Lawrence reveals to CineMovie that Rachel Zegler sang live on-set during the production using classic microphones to capture the sound. The filmmaker (CONSTANTINE 2) also discusses actor Tom Blythe's mesmerizing performance as Coriolanus Snow and Viola Davis' mad scientist character.

THE BALLAD OF SONGBIRDS & SNAKES is Coriolanus Snow's (played by Donald Sutherland in the original trilogy) origin story. Lawrence praises actor Tom Blyth for his portrayal of the character during our interview.

Lawrence also gave us an update on Keanu Reeves' return as Constantine in a sequel to the 2005 film.

Official Synopsis
Experience the story of THE HUNGER GAMES — 64 years before Katniss Everdeen volunteered as tribute, and decades before Coriolanus Snow became the tyrannical President of Panem.


THE HUNGER GAMES: THE BALLAD OF SONGBIRDS & SNAKES follows a young Coriolanus (Tom Blyth) who is the last hope for his failing lineage, the once-proud Snow family that has fallen from grace in a post-war Capitol. With his livelihood threatened, Snow is reluctantly assigned to mentor Lucy Gray Baird (Rachel Zegler), a tribute from the impoverished District 12. But after Lucy Gray’s charm captivates the audience of Panem, Snow sees an opportunity to shift their fates. With everything he has worked for hanging in the balance, Snow unites with Lucy Gray to turn the odds in their favor. Battling his instincts for both good and evil, Snow sets out on a race against time to survive and reveal if he will ultimately become a songbird or a snake.

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