Interview: Brett Dalton, and 'Agents of Shield' Showrunners On Why They Keep Resurrecting Ward

Brett Dalton Agents of Shield

Brett Dalton’s Grant Ward has nine lives on Marvel’s AGENTS OF SHIELD and fans are ecstatic that the fan favorite is back once again. During the winter finale, Ward is resurrected in Daisy’s bed and both are working for Hydra in the alternate universe called the Framework. Dalton made a surprise appearance at this year’s Wondercon in Anaheim, CA, along with the cast and producers. CineMovie sat down with Dalton, and showrunners Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen during a roundtable where the trio talked about the reasoning behind bringing back Ward from the dead a few times.

Last we saw Ward, his body had been inhabited by Hive, a parasitic Inhuman but he was killed by Daisy’s boyfriend Lincoln. Well, Ward is back in the mid-season 4 premiere in Aida’s Framework in which all the Shield agents are trapped in.

Marvel’s AGENTS OF SHIELD returns to ABC Tuesday nights at 10/9c starting tonight.

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