DRINKING BUDDIES Olivia Wilde and Jake Johnson Talk Beer & Why Anna Kendrick is a ‘Lightweight’

The DRINKING BUDDIES stars talk beer-making, why Anna Kendrick didn’t realize she was buzzing on set, Obama’s personal brewery, and what it takes to be their drinking buddy. Watch CineMovie's interview with Olivia Wilde and Jake Johnson

Olivia Wilde and Jake Johnson (“New Girl”) play flirty co-workers at a Chicago brewery whose mutual love for beer makes them the perfect drinking buddies. Given both are in relationships, each plays it cool until the mutual attraction grows.

Fernando Esquivel sat down with the stars who admit that were not pretending to drink beer during their scenes.  Director Joe Swanberg brought in cases of Revolution beer to the set.  Both actors “can handle their beers” so there were no drunken moments, but there were cases of the “whoozy feeling,” according to Wilde.

Jake Johnson tells us a funny story about Anna Kendrick not knowing she was chugging beer down during a scene and started being “sassy and a little troublemake.” She didn’t realize until the end that she was under the influence. Johnson calls her a “lightweight” and a “very funny drunk.”

Wilde and Johnson also tell Fernando they learned a lot more about the making of beer during the movie. “(It’s) not just a simple way to get drunk,” Wilde proclaims. The director schooled them on the art of beer making.  President Barack Obama also came up on the conversation as someone who brews his own beer at the White House.  Both agree the United States president is a “cool guy.”

The DRINKING BUDDIES stars also tell us what it takes to be their drinking buddies. Can you hang with them?  Watch the interview.

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