Elizabeth Banks and 'Pitch Perfect 2' Producers Rate The First-Time Director's Boss Skills

Elizabeth Banks Pitch Perfect 2 on set

Don't mess with PITCH PERFECT 2 director Elizabeth Banks because she'll win almost every argument, according to her producing partners. Banks transitions into directing with PITCH PERFECT 2, her first-time behind the camera, and apparently she knows how to command a set. Banks and PITCH PERFECT 2 producers Max Handelman and Paul Brooks talk about the strengths the actress/producer brought to the production as a first-time director, and how she approached her new gig. Listen to the interview below.

Elizabeth Banks can now add director to her versatile credits. Paul Brooks, her producing partner, says the first-time director is very opinionated, but most of the time she was right. In the interview below, Banks says she fought for the outdoor festival for the climactic ending, but her partners worried the wet weather might be a factor. Banks assured them it would work out, and it did. 

The PITCH PERFECT 2 producers also chimed in on her skills in commanding the set, and Banks tells us how she approached her new gig.

PITCH PERFECT 2 is in movie theaters May 15.

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