GANGSTER SQUAD’s Ryan Gosling Inspired By Bogart & Bugs Bunny For Role

Ryan Gosling rocked a fedora and polyester suit for the period drama GANGSTER SQUAD, but it was Humphrey Bogart and Bugs Bunny that put him in the mood to play a 40s rogue cop.  Scratching your head yet?

In a recent interview with the GANGSTER SQUAD star, the 32-year-old actor joked that Humphrey Bogart and Bugs Bunny came to mind when formulating his role as Sergeant Jerry Wooters.  Based on a true story of an undercover LAPD squad who took down mob boss Mickey Cohen (Sean Penn) in Los Angeles, Ryan chose not to base his performance on the real person, rather create his own version of Sgt. Wooters.   He credits the real Wooters as being far braver, but for dramatic purposes in GANGSTER SQUAD, he decided to go for the playboy loner-type.  Watch Trailer

In the Ruben Fleischer-directed gangster movie, Gosling “pretended” to be Bogey, but found it “difficult” being serious while working alongside his on-screen leading lady Emma Stone.  They often goofed around on set, according to Emma Stone. Gosling also took on a higher pitched voice for the period piece, but during the interview he credited that choice because of the wardrobe.

“That was more of a wardrobe issue. It was quite itchy. I had a rash. I channeled that irritation into hatred for the gangsters.”
His co-star Josh Brolin also chimed in calling the polyester suits “itchy and tight.”

In this case, clothes do make the man but it was his admiration of Bugs Bunny that influenced his approach to the GANGSTER SQUAD character.
“I’ve always kind of admired how Bugs Bunny was not above dressing like a lady to get out of trouble, and thought that could be interesting in some way….”

Gosling applied the Bugs Bunny method to his character in the sense that this person was trying to make himself “inconspicuous” and would go to great lengths to do so.  That is until he’s provoked into joining the gangster squad.

Gosling wants to make it clear that the real Sgt. Wooter was more admirable than the version he plays.  “I balanced what’s best for the film.”

GANGSTER SQUAD is now playing in movie theaters.


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