Henry Ian Cusick Interview: 'The Passage's' Spanish-Speaking Actor On Wanting To Direct Show

The Passage Henry Ian Cusick interview

To our surprise, actor Henry Ian Cusick speaks Spanish thanks to his Peruvian heritage on his mother's side. The star of FOX's THE PASSAGE talks about his new show, why he wants to direct an episode and how his Emmy-nominated role in LOST gave him his career. He also gives us a taste of his Spanish-speaking skills.

Ian, as he goes by, was born in Peru to a Peruvian mother and Scottish father. He traveled the world, but settled in Scotland. The actor says he doesn't feel Peruvian nor Scottish given he was raised globally, but he does speak fluent Spanish which you'll hear in our interview below. He's also telling CineMovie he'd like to continue directing after helming two episodes of "The 100." That's a conversation he hopes to have with "The Passage" executive producers for the next season if FOX picks up the new show.  We'll keep our fingers crossed for that wish. 

FOX's "The Passage" airs Mondays at 9pm on FOX.  You can also still catch Ian on "The 100."

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