Moises Arias in Beethoven's Big Break

Moises Arias in Beethoven's Big Break DVD

The unruly dog Beethoven is back for more canine fun in Beethoven’s Big Break and “Hannah Montana’s” Moises Arias is the new owner of the lovable pooch.  The fourteen year old actor broke into Hollywood in 2005 with roles on television’s “Everybody Hates Chris”, “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody” and as a series regular on Disney Channel hits series “Hannah Montana” starring Miley Cyrus.   An appearance in Jack Black’s Nacho Libre also propelled the actor into the big time. 

The well-spoken young actor speaks to CineMovie by phone recounting his experience in shooting the sixth movie in the Beethoven saga.

Was this your first time acting with animals?
Yes, and it was harder.  Usually I run my lines with an actual person but having a dog co-star didn’t make it easy.  It was definitely a different experience.

How many dogs played Beethoven?
Beethoven's Big Break new DVD
There were three dogs for different purposes;  a St. Bernard for close-ups, a running dog, and a female dog with the puppies.  They were afraid a male dog would bite the puppies.

Like the mischievous Beethoven dog, were the dogs unruly on set or are they well trained? 
The dogs were well-behaved but there were times when the cookie treats didn’t work and they didn’t do as they were told.  It was fun to watch.

Which scene with the dog took the longest to shoot?
There was a scene where Beethoven jumps on me and licks my face.  They covered my cheek in chicken flavored baby food and we had to keep reshooting that scene over and over.  It was pretty disgusting having to do it multiple times.  

The classic Beethoven movies are out on DVD as well.  Have you seen any of the five previous Beethoven films?
I’ve seen two or three of them because I was curious to see what kind of tricks the dog did in those movies. 

"Hannah Montana" is more popular than ever.  How are things on set?
The show is great.  The scripts are still really funny.  We’re like family because we’ve been together for so long. We’re a lot older but not much else has changed.

Any plans to branch out like Miley Cyrus and take up singing or dancing?
My shower says no.  I can’t sing!  I am open to dancing.  I like hip hop but my passion is acting.  But I do plan on attending college as a back up plan.

What actors do you aspire to be like?
Will Smith.  He has done so much and I really like his choices.  Other actors I admire are Antonio Banderas and Brad Pitt. 

Do you hope to break out of the Disney type roles?
I really want to do drama.   That would be really challenging and something I’d have to work harder at than any other role.  I look forward to it. 

In addition, Moises eventually hopes to write and direct with his brother, citing the Coen brothers as their inspiration.  Moises Arias seems clear about his future and with three movies due out in 2009 (The Perfect Game with Cheech Marin, Hannah Montana movie, Astro Boy), this child actor is on the right track.  Catch Moises and his fury friend in Beethoven’s Big Break on DVD now. 

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