Morgan Freeman Talks Hollywood's Limitations & Working with Clint Eastwood Again

Morgan Freeman as God in Bruce Almighty

When Morgan Freeman speaks you listen. After all, Freeman has played God twice (EVAN ALMIGHTY, BRUCE ALMIGHTY), and the United States President (DEEP IMPACT), but foremost he is one of the most respected and revered actors in modern day cinema. So you would think this Academy Award winning actor would have his choice of roles, but the 79-year-old actor tells CineMovie that is not the case. He also reveals his MILLION DOLLAR BABY co-star and director Clint Eastwood hope to work together once again and they're looking for the right fit. Listen to our interview with the actor.

While promoting his latest movie, BEN-HUR, Morgan Freeman is honest and direct about how he picks his roles. Actors, like any other working class person, are looking for their next paycheck, and acting is the same way although as journalists you often forget when we ask artists why they chose their latest role.  Freeman's motivation may be money, but it seems as if an actor of Freeman's calibur would get his choice of roles. Apparently that's not the case and he tells us he is often denied as he states in our interview with him. Listen below.

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