NARCO CULTURA Director & Mexican Regional Star Talk Drug War and Music

Narco Cultura Interview with Shaul Schwarz and Edgar Quintero

NARCO CULTURA’s director Shaul Schwarz and Edgar Quintero of the Mexican regional band featured in the film discuss why they decided to focus on the musical movement that glorifies Mexico’s drug war.

Veteran photojournalist Shaul Schwarz documents Mexico’s war on drugs through the music scene and the narcocorrido.  The narcocorrido is nothing new, but more people and the younger generation are embracing the scene more so than ever with the escalating problem of Mexican cartel.

Veteran photojournalist Shaul Schwarz risked his life for years covering Mexico’s crimes in Juarez, but even more so while shooting NARCO CULTURA. Schwarz documents musicians of the narcocorridos through their performances across both sides of the borders and the music written specifically for the gangsters who want to be immortalized with  their own theme song. Edgar Quintero is one of the LA-based musician featured in the film.

CineMovie sat down with the Israeli-born filmmaker and Edgar Quintero and put Quintero on the spot for creating music that glorifies violence and why Schwarz wanted to capture the scene.

NARCO CULTURA opens in New York and select cities November 22 and plans to expand to Los Angeles and other cities on December 6.

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