'Pitch Perfect 2' Star Rebel Wilson on Being a Role Model and an Update on Her Private Benjamin Remake

Rebel Wilson Pitch Perfect 2

Rebel Wilson is not your typical Hollywood star and her refreshing turn as Fat Amy proves once again to be one of the highlights of PITCH PERFECT 2. The Australian actress talks to CineMovie about the girl power in PITCH PERFECT 2, and why she likes to represent a different sort of leading lady. The scene stealer also updates us on her reboot of Private Benjamin. Listen to our conversation with Wilson below.

Rebel Wilson's confidence on screen and her success in Hollywood are no doubt inspiring legions of young female fans to dream big as well. "That I can make it -gives a lot of hope to other girls who are really creative and not necessarily the standard of what people consider beauty to be," Wilson told CineMovie. PITCH PERFECT 2 is a good example of a film, she says, that showcases women from all sorts of backgrounds, body shapes and nationalities who come together for a purpose.

Rebel Wilson is currently working on a remake of the 1980 Goldie Hawn comedy Private Benjamin. She fills us in on where she stands on that project. Listen below.

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