'The Domestics' Director/Writer Mike P Nelson Talks Making Of Violent Apocalyptic Film

The Domestics Kate Bosworth Tyler Hoechlin

Marriage is hard enough without having to survive the apocalypse. That’s the premise behind THE DOMESTICS, written and directed by Mike P. Nelson, and starring Kate Bosworth (BLUE CRUSH,STRAW DOGS) and Tyler Hoechlin (“TeenWolf,” “Supergirl,” EVERYBODY WANTS SOME). Nelson was inspired by his own marriage in creating the character’s journey in this violent world.

In THE DOMESTICS, the government has wiped out the population, and the remaining humans are divided up into murderous gangs in deadly factions in a game of survival of the fittest. Mark and Nina, an estranged married couple, set out across the lawless country to join her parents in a dangerous road trip that challenges their commitment to each other.

There have been plenty of apocalyptic movies and television shows but THE DOMESTICS is different in that it focuses on how the changing world impacts a marital relationship.  The director and writer drew inspiration from his own three year marriage.

“I started writing some of the script beforehand and nothing was clicking with me.  I couldn’t identify with any of the characters or any of these things I was writing. I was like, ‘I gotta write something closer to home. I was like you know what, I’m going to write about how marriage is challenging.”

The filmmaker didn’t want to write a drama about marriage but a “super violent, post apocalyptic thing” where the couple’s marriage is tested.  

Kate Bosworth plays Nina, the fed up wife who has only contempt for her husband Mark (Hoechlin), who refuses to adapt to the kill or be killed environment. Nelson purposely wanted to make her a helpless character from the start who doesn’t want to be part of this world.

“I can’t imagine that every single person that we see in every single post apocalyptic show or action movie would be that way. There has to be somebody out there that would not want to play along.”

Her husband Mark on the other hand is ready to protect his wife at all cost no matter her feelings towards him. Later in the film, the roles are reversed, and Nina steps up when she remembers she wasn’t always helpless.

The Domestics Kate Bosworth

THE DOMESTICS is an ambitious film with many locations and action sequences. Nelson tells CineMovie they were able to shoot it in 25 days, and he limited the takes to two to three takes. His primary concern was the performances as well as the action pieces. He credits his team and line producer for planning out every detail.

Fortunately the world in THE DOMESTICS is still familiar with cities and towns still functional. The film takes place within five years after the events that lead to the apocalypse. Nelson was influenced by MAD MAX in terms of setting.

“It wasn’t the world that was as far gone as the people. To me, that was the exploration that I wanted to make it in terms of the world building.”

THE DOMESTICS is now available on Video on Demand.

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