THOR’s Jaimie Alexander On Becoming Mrs. Loki & Rejecting Tough Chick Roles (Video)

Jaimie Alexander returns as Sif in THOR: THE DARK WORLD, but she’s not satisfied just being on Thor’s team.  The Texas-native tells CineMovie she’s looking to go to the dark side in her ideal Marvel world and why she’s turned down sexist tough chick roles in the past.

Zay Zay sat down with the brunette beauty in Miami to talk about Marvel’s latest entry in the superhero realm with a sequel to Thor starring Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman.  In the follow-up, Jaimie Alexander reprises her role as Sif, the goddess of war and ally to Thor.  Alexander has more to do in THOR: THE DARK WORLD with many more battle scenes, which she paid the price for. An on set injury didn’t stop her and she soldiered on soon after by taking the pain like one of the boys.

If the second Thor movie proves a success, than a third is almost guaranteed. Jaimie Alexander already has worked out where she would like to see her character go next.
“I would love to see her as Lady Loki. I would love for her to be evil.”
Besides wanting to see more of Sif in the next Thor adventure, Alexander feels that playing someone possessed by Loki could give her character more depth in that she has an inner struggle with her new evil self versus the good Asgardian warrior.

Since playing Sif, Alexander has been offered tough female roles, but she admits they aren’t well-written characters in that they play into sexist ideals of women. 
“Oh, yeah!  We’ll put you in a push-up bra and hot pants and you’ll run around and punch some guy in the face.  Like how about not.’
While most actresses would take those parts, Jaimie Alexander says she passed on those roles.  However, there’s online rumors reporting that she may don some hot pants and push-up bra to play Wonder Woman.  Now those are some respectable hot shorts.

THOR: THE DARK WORLD is in movie theaters November 8, 2013.

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