Tom Hiddleston On Monster Movies and Will He Be Back For Godzilla vs Kong

Tom Hiddleston Kong Skull Island movie

Tom Hiddleston joins the monster universe with KONG: SKULL ISLAND, and there are plans for more Kong and Godzilla movies from Legendary Entertainment.  The KONG: SKULL ISLAND actor discusses why the KONG reboots reminds him of the film's he watched as a kid, and whether he'll return for more monster movies. Scroll down for the interview.

At a recent KONG: SKULL ISLAND press event in Los Angeles with Tom Hiddleston, Tom says he first heard of the KONG remake from a Legendary Entertainment executive on the set of CRIMSON PEAK IN 2014.  Legendary's GODZILLA was about to be released in movie theaters, and Tom was excited for the film. That's when he was told that Legendary were embarking on their own monster universe from classic movies including a reboot of King Kong. Two years later, the AVENGERS actor is one of the leads in KONG:SKULL ISLAND.

In our interview below, Tom explains it wasn't so much that it was a monster movie that he wanted to sign on to, but the adventure aspect of the film. Growing up in England, he fancied adventure films more than monster movies, but in KONG: SKULL ISLAND - you get both.

GODZILLA: KING OF MONSTERS is pre-production from Legendary Entertainment to be released in 2019, and GODZILLA VS. KONG is set for 2020 so the question remains if Tom Hiddleston will be part of the franchise given the end credits opens up his involvement. Given his answer below, we'll take it as a yes.

KONG: SKULL ISLAND is now playing in movie theaters.

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