New Show 'Locos Y Contentos' Aims At Being Spanish Version of SNL

Following in the tradition of SNL, Mad TV, and In Living Color, Latino comedienne Kiki Melendez launched “Locos Y Contentos” to showcase established and up-and-coming Latino comedic talent from across America. The one-hour format will feature Kiki Melendez co-hosting with A-list celebrity guests such as Guy Ecker, Felipe Esparza, Edgar Rivera, Conrado Bonco, Sophia Nino De Rivera, Aida Rodriguez, Ludo Vika, Tommy 5000 and others from the world of music and sports figures.

Brought to you by the woman behind “Hot Tamales Live!” and “Kiki Desde Hollywood,” Melendez is starting out simple with stand-up acts performing their act in Spanish. She tells CineMovie she took a lot of the existing Latino comics out of their comfort zone by asking them to perform their jokes in Spanish, something they have never tried before.  

“I convinced some of them to do Spanish language stand-up. A lot of them didn’t, and that was the challenge. And they felt so good. They came back to their roots.  A lot of the Latinos that had crossed over to the English market had never considered doing Spanish.”

The Spanish language comedy circuit is small says Melendez with it largely being segregated in several markets like Miami, NYC and Los Angeles. She’s hoping the show’s success will translate into establishing a Spanish-language comedy circuit as a tour. “They don’t get much opportunity to showcase their talents in Spanish,” Melendez added.

Novela actor Guy Ecker is one person she sought to help launch “Locos Y Contentos” with his first time gracing a stage as a comic.  “I can’t believe I’m out here doing stand-up,” was his reaction according to the show creator. She likes providing established acts with a new challenge.

Not only will she be showcasing established Latino comics, but she’s also seeking submissions from comedians trying to hit the comedy circuit. The show’s Facebook page has been set up for submissions.

Keeping it simple for the launch on Fridays on Estrella TV, “Locos Y Contentos” features stand-up acts, but Melendez wants to take it to the next level with musical guests, sketches, a SNL-type Weekend Update like their English counterparts.  “We played it safe, and we made sure we didn’t take as many risks as we plan to do in the future.”

Catch “Locos Y Contentos every Friday at 8pm on Estrella TV.

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