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'Black Widow' and 'Cruella' Coming To Disney Plus Premier Access In Addition To Theaters

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While more movie theaters are opening across the United States and Canada, audiences aren't returning in droves. Disney and Marvel may be aware of this which is why they took the step to bring their upcoming films to Disney+ Premier Access. Marvel's BLACK WIDOW and Disney's CRUELLA will premiere theatrically and on Disney+ for an extra $30. In addition, the Scarlett Johansson movie was pushed back to July 9. How do you feel about the news? Take our poll below. 

BLACK WIDOW was delayed a few times for over a year, but interest has now waned but only increased. The push back to mid-summer guarantees more people will be comfortable visiting a multiplex when more Americans become vaccinated. In case they are not, $30 for the whole family may be a better deal for a family of three or more to watch from the comfort of their home. 

How do you feel about returning to movie theaters?   

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