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'Annabelle 3' Announced and James Wan Reveals Plot

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Annabelle 3 James Wan Gary Dauberman

On the first day at the San Diego Comic Con International, New Line announced there will be a third movie for the creepy doll, Annabelle. The announcement was made during #ScareDiego during THE NUN presentation by THE NUN writer Gary Dauberman whose the screenwriter behind the ANNABELLE movies,  IT and IT: CHAPTER TWO who will be directing. James Wan was also present and he revealed the story behind the next movie in THE CONJURING universe.

The cast and filmmakers behind THE NUN presented exclusive clips and talked about their experience shooting the movie. Director Corin Hardy, writer Gary Dauberman, producer James Wan and stars Taissa Farmiga and Charlotte Hope were present to introduce a few clips of the demon nun.

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After the first previews, Dauberman announced the news about ANNABELLE 3. While they didn't reveal the full title, producer James Wan (THE CONJURING, AQUAMAN) did say Annabelle returns to terrorize the Warren's young daughter when she awakens in the Warren's museum of possessed artifacts. Wan reveals Annabelle will revive all the items in the Warren's hall of nightmares. Essentially he compared it to NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM but the horror version.

Video to come later of the announcement.

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