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Slots Based on Movies? Yes, That's a Thing

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Here at Cinemovie we like to experience blockbuster films on every level, so we got really excited when we came across an entire collection of new games based on movies that we had never seen before. Fans of online casinos are sure to think we're seriously behind the times, but since we tend to focus on movies rather than games we had never come across this phenomenon of slots based on movies before. That's right: officially licensed online slots based on cinematic hits, some of which you can play for free. Of course, we would never share any games that weren't worth their salt, so we decided to take a look at four of the slots we came across based on our favorite movies. Here's what we found.

Terminator 2

Fans of the Terminator series (or well, maybe the first three terminator movies) should look into this five reel slot that offers 243 ways to win. John Connor, Sarah Connor, The T-800 and The T-1000 are depicted as symbols each resulting in big wins or bonus features when placed correctly. For instance, there’s the T-800 Vision Mode which can be triggered after any unsuccessful spin but can result in numerous free spins. In this Terminator 2 slot game review by Slot Machines, home of information and reviews about online slots, we found out that while Terminator 2 is not linked to a progressive jackpot like other Microgaming titles, there is still a payout of up to $440,000 available. So it's not bad at all on the earnings front in addition to being easy on the eyes.


When Ridley Scott’s blockbuster movie Gladiator was first released in 2000, critics were astonished. In fact, even fifteen years after the film’s initial release, The Telegraph over in the UK still described it as an "epic tale" and "magnificent." Obviously, when the slot was released it absolutely had to be as iconic as the movie, and thankfully it lives up to the hype. It features a number of movie clips, captivating gameplay and a famous bonus that slots fans are sure to remember. All players have to do is pick stone tiles and they will receive a number of free spins, multipliers, wilds and scatter symbols. Needless to say, this title has garnered quite the fan base over the years and continues to hold up years after its initial release.



Before there was The Avengers or Logan (check our recent interview with Al Coronel), there was the 2000 Marvel movie X-Men. It could be assumed that this movie was the one that began the slew of superhero movies that we are still experiencing today, and while it may not be the absolute favourite for many today it received great reviews at the time. Fortunately, the five reel slot based on this original flick still holds up, possibly due to the Heroes vs Villains bonus round which can result in extra wilds, free spins and more. Plus, as this is a Marvel slot it is linked to the Marvel Mystery Progressive Jackpot, which spreads across most of Playtech’s superhero slots.


The Dark Knight

Another interesting title we found is The Dark Knight slot by game developer Microgaming. Based on the legendary title starring the iconic Heath Ledger as The Joker, this slot is a real game changer. There are a number of Joker symbols within the reels of this slot, but there are plenty of other characters to keep you interested as well. The game's background is particularly notable as it transports the player through Gotham city with each spin, a detail that helps you feel truly immersed in the slot.

The fact that these specific movies have managed to remain popular through these sorts of games is really impressive, especially when we consider how many new releases are popping up on an almost daily basis these days. Have you played slots based on your favorite movies before? Are we seriously behind the times? Let us know if you have some other favorite casino games based on your top picks in the comments below.

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