'House Of Gucci' Review: A Dynasty-Level Novela

Lady Gaga is compelling as the conniving Patrizia, the power-hungry socialite who pushes her husband into taking over the family business, and then he betrays her. The singer turned actress exudes glamour and a Sophia Loren quality. She gives one of the best performances of the year.

Lady Gaga Doesn't Think Her Real-Life Character in 'House of Gucci' Was A Gold-Digger

The linear story plays out like a Shakespearian tragedy with greed and power as a central theme in the plot, but it often feels like an expensive novela or an episode of Dynasty.

Besides Gaga, the costumes steal the show with dramatic 70s and 80s pieces for both the men and women. Patrizia was all about glamour even before she married into the Gucci fortune, and the costume designer fitted her into grandiose outfits that matched her personality and ambition.

Al Pacino is a delight and endearing as Aldo Gucci, and the one character you feel sorry for when he's betrayed. Jared Leto's transformation into a goofy Paolo Gucci provides comic relief but the cartoonish portrayal doesn't ring truthful.

Much has been made of the over-the-top Italian accents adopted by the actors. Unless you're Italian, it's not much of a distraction except for perhaps Leto's take.

HOUSE OF GUCCI is a tragedy and goes to show that the lives of the rich and famous aren't all that desirable.

HOUSE OF GUCCI is now playing in movie theaters.

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