What to Stream June23

On this week's HCA's What to Stream podcast, Morgan Rojas and I discuss the new documentaries on Mary J. Blige, Charles M. Schulz, Wolfgang Puck, the last season of Bosch, and some oldies but goodies to stream. Watch below.

What to Stream is a weekly show hosted by members of the Hollywood Critics Association which CineMovie is a member. We share our weekly recommendations for new television series, movies, or documentaries on various streaming platforms.

TV shows and films highlighted in this week's episode include:

Who are you, Charlie Brown? (Apple TV Plus)

Mary J. Blige My Life Documentary (Amazon Prime)

Wolfgang (Disney Plus)

Bosch season 7 (Amazon Prime)

Gully (Fandango Now)

Oldie But Goodie Movie

Gone Girl (Hulu, FX Now)

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