Rihanna Makes A Splash With Acting Debut In BATTLESHIP

Known for her award-winning music and sultry voice, Rihanna down plays her gorgeous looks (or at least tried to) as the tough as nails Petty Officer Cora "Weps" Raikes. Of course, a naval officer as attractive as Rihanna is obviously Hollywood casting, but the first-time actress makes you forget she's a pop star in real-life. However, even in military fatigues and little make-up, the singer turned actor is still gorgeous, but as the story moves along you suspend belief and see her as the character.  

Rihanna-Battleship-reviewSuprisingly, Rihanna doensn't simply make a cameo appearance in the sci-fi action film. Her role is significant as the weapons officer on the battleship, taking firing orders from the star Taylor Kitsch. Basically she's the trigger finger blasting the aliens out of the water. As Petty Officer "Weps," Rihanna only utters a phrase here and there, but the lines she recites didn't require thespian training, yet she held her own given the cheesy dialogue that plagues the Peter Berg movie.

At WonderCon earlier this year, BATTLESHIP director Peter Berg praised Rihanna's professionalism and acting skills during the movie panel. According to the helmer, Rihanna insisted on being treated like an actor and wanted no special treatment during the grueling shoot. He added, the pop singer insisted on performing her own stunts.

Like Mariah Carey or Britney Spears, music icons transitioning into acting often choose a character close to their public persona and/or a starring vehicle. Carey and Spears's debut films ended up being the worst movies of the century. Rihanna and/or her agent are not making the same mistakes. By playing against type, Rihanna has a better chance at gaining respect as an actress.  Grant it, she's still starring in a popcorn adventure film, but to her credit, she choose a supporting, non-glamorous role for her Hollywood debut.      

Look for more of Rihanna on screen in 2013 with Jonah Hill and James Franco in The End of the World and a rumored role in The Fast and the Furious 6.  

Have you seen the film?  What did you think of Rihanna's acting?

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