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'Stray' Director Elizabeth Lo Documents A Day in the Life of Stray Dogs in Turkey

Stray movie director Elizabeth Lo

Director Elizabeth Lo took to the streets of Instanbul, Turkey to follow stray dogs who are free to roam cities and rely on the generosity of humans for food. Zeytin is the star of the film as she goes about her business while Elizabeth follows closely behind. We talked to the director about how she went about shooting a dog in motion while following close behind. 

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New Poster & Trailer: Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer Become Superheroes in Netflix's Thunder Force

 Thunder Force Melissa McCarthy Octavia Spencer

Melissa McCarthy has been vying to play a superhero, and the actress and her husband Ben Falcone even filmed a video pitching themselves for Taika Waititi's new THOR movie, LOVE AND THUNDER. Why wait and not write yourself a movie to play a superhero, and that's what she's done with THUNDER FORCE starring with Octavia Spencer, and written and directed by Falcone. Watch the new hilarious trailer.

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'Coming 2 America' Makeup Artist Michael Marino on Taking Over Stan Baker Characters

Coming 2 America set makeup Eddie Murphy Michael Marino

Michael Marino worked on Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall’s many characters for COMING 2 AMERICA, taking over the work the legendary Stan Baker created in the original. Murphy reprised at least eight of the original characters from the 1988 movie while Hall donned prosthetics for three of the characters. Marino also reveals what Murphy does in the makeup chair for hours as the prosthetics are applied. 

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Jeremy Renner Cast As Lead in 'Mayor of Kingstown' with Antoine Fuqua Directing

Jeremy Renner New Series

A new series from Yellowstone's executive producer Taylor Sheridan has cast Jeremy Renner (AVENGERS, THE HURT LOCKER) as the lead in Mayor of Kingstown. Director Antoine Fuqua (TRAINING DAY, THE EQUALIZER) also signed on as the director for the series that deals with systematic racism in the prison system.

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