• 'Hawkeye' Stars Praise Hailee

    'Hawkeye' Stars Praise Hailee

  • Meng'er Zhang On Punching Simu Liu

    Meng'er Zhang On Punching Simu Liu

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  • ENCANTO Stars on Being Disney-fied

    ENCANTO Stars on Being Disney-fied

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  • 'House of Gucci' Fandango Giveaway

    'House of Gucci' Fandango Giveaway

  • INT: 'The Wheel of Time' Stars

    INT: 'The Wheel of Time' Stars

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Kathleen Quinlan Talks Bonding with Edward James Olmos & George Lopez Over Dodger Games On 'Walking with Herb' Set

Edward James Olmos George Lopez Kathleen Quinlan movie set 850

Veteran actress Kathleen Quinlan stars alongside Edward James Olmos and George Lopez in WALKING WITH HERB in theaters on April 30. The trio bonded over food and Dodger games while shooting in El Paso, TX. She also talks about her favorite moment from the classic film, APOLLO 13, and why she has a special connection to the Latino community.

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'Secrets of the Whales' Review: The Perfect Earth Day Series For Families

Secrets of the whales review 850

National Geographic brings us SECRETS OF THE WHALES streaming on Disney+ for Earth Day. The 4-part series documents the behaviors and language of four whale species; the humpback, orcas, sperm whales and narwhals. SECRETS OF THE WHALES is a beautiful feat of filmmaking that takes the viewer up close and personal with these matriarchal creatures who are endearing and intelligent. 

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'Mortal Kombat' 2021 Review: A Non-Gamers Reaction

Mortal Kombat review 2021

The second attempt at adapting the MORTAL KOMBAT videogame hits movie theaters and HBO Max on April 23. Kano, Sonya Blade, Kung Lao , Liu Kang, Lord Raiden and a few game favorites come to life in the big screen live action adaptation. As a non-gamer of MORTAL KOMBAT, here's how the release stacks up as a film. 

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Sony Films Headed To Disney Plus, Hulu and Other Disney Properties After Netflix Run

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 

Sony Pictures' past and future Marvel films like the SPIDER-MAN franchise and other popular titles are headed to Disney properties such as Disney+ and Hulu after their theatrical and pay tv windows. Sony's theatrical releases from 2022 to 2026 are included in the deal that signifies that Sony Pictures Entertainment are not following in other studios' footsteps in starting their own streaming service.

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Alison Pill Felt Guilty For Playing Racist Neighbor in Amazon Prime 'Them'

Alison Pill Amazon Them interview

Alison Pill (Star Trek: Picard) plays Betty, a racist 50s housewife who terrorizes her new Black neighbors in the Compton area of Los Angeles in the Amazon series, Them. The actress tells CineMovie it wasn't easy playing a despicable character, and she felt terrible once the cameras cut. She jokes that she asked her costar Deborah Ayorinde to hit her after shooting certain scenes.

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New Trailer: 'The Get Together'

THE GET TOGETHER takes place over the course of a night at a Friday night house party with four twentysomethings. The new trailer will definitely give you SUPERBAD (2007) vibes meets BOOKSMART (2019). Check out the new preview and movie poster for the May 14 release.

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